Jump starter car: the best instruments of the automotive market 2020

Starting devices (jump starters) constructively represent portable battery devices that allow you to start cars with damaged or"dead" batteries. These devices work similarly to traditional power jumper cables, but do not require an additional vehicle. Get additional info at best jump starters

NOCO Genius Boost Pro GB150 4000A

The design of the NOCO Genius Boost Pro GB150 is enclosed in a case measuring 18x31x7 cm. The device weighs 3.5 kg. The weight of this jump starter exceeds the weight characteristics of other jump starters in the Top list. However, this is one of the criteria for high reliability of the model.

The NOCO Genius Boost Pro GB150 is equipped with a 12-voltpower port, as well as a USB 2.1A port. The last interface is intended for use:

· for smartphones,

· tablet computers

· other electronic equipment.

A working factor of 22,500 joules / second provides sufficient voltage to be able to start 10-liter gasoline (diesel) engines:

· cars

· trucks

· boats

· commercial vehicles and other heavy equipment.

DBPOWER Ultra-Compact

A portable jump starter from the DBPOWER company not only replaces a full-fledged car jumper wire, but also acts as a portable charger.Such a device provides battery support in the current state of any consumer mobile electronics, such as smartphones.

The jump starter, called “DBPOWER Ultra-Compact”, is endowed with a battery with a working capacity of 8000 mA / h and a peak current of300A. This configuration is not the most powerful option for auxiliary starting, therefore it is intended exclusively for gas engines with a volume of not more than 2.5 liters. Provided that the battery is fully charged, this jump starter is able to start the engine up to 10 times.

The device comes with smart clamps with built-in protection:

· discharge

· reverse polarity

· overheating

· recharge

· short circuit.

· DBPOWER 600A Peak

Distinctive design features are an unusual design and the presence of a “smart” charging port. The compact design has a case size of10x24x12.5 cm with a mass of only 1.3 kg. In fact, the jump starter of this model is quite acceptable to put in the glove compartment of the car. Despite the expressed portability of the starter jump, this model is able to start a6.5-liter gas or 5.2-liter diesel engines.

The device guarantees a charge of 30 starts within one charge at a peak current of 600A. Like other TOP-9 portable starters, the jump starter comes equipped with an intelligent charging port with a capacity of18,000 mAh. Additionally, there is an 8-in-1 laptop adapter through which it impermissible to charge various electronic devices.

Being a portable device, the DBPOWER jump starter has an LCD display with power reserve monitoring. The cable clamps of this portable device are ideal for novice motorists, providing protection for:

· over current

· short circuit,

· over voltage and overcharge.

· Aickar 800A Peak

Jump starter Aickbar 800A Peak is capable of starting almost any gasoline engine, as well as a diesel engine with a volume of up to 4.5liters. In this case, the device provides up to 30 starts on a single charge.Jump starter Aickar 800A Peak gives a peak current of 800A, equipped with powerful wire jumpers. Like other portable TOP launchers, the Aickar 800A Peak also acts as a smartphone battery, providing up to 19800 mAh of battery life.

This portable trigger is equipped with five advanced safety technologies for working with the included wire jumpers. In particular,protection is provided:

· reverse polarity

· over current

· over voltage,

· reloads.

The Aickar Jump Starter is designed with complete safety in mind, regardless of the level of end-user training. In addition to accident protection, the Rickard Jump Starter includes a power indicator. Among other advantages - a fairly compact size (22x9.2x2.8 cm) and a high level of power.